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Creating a practice of self-care (4 part webinar mini-series): Cultivating a calm response vs reaction to reduce stress for self/others #1; Apr 9, 2020; Mike Masse

Human Trafficking 101: Time to Question & Connect (Human Trafficking for the Purposes of Sexual Exploitation Mini-Series); Apr 2, 2020; Wendy Gee & Jodi Mosley, A New Day Youth & Adult Services

What is a Labyrinth & how can it be used as a tool in youth mental health? ; Sep 19, 2019; Christine Slavik, University of the Fraser Valley

The Importance of Mindfulness: Regulated Professionals Create Regulated Kids; May 23, 2019; Christine Slavik, University of the Fraser Valley

Weaving together Mindfulness & Culture: Mindfulness Moose Yoga; Nov 29, 2018; Oki!!!Deva

Youth Justice Mini-Series: Mediation & Conflict Resolution Strategies; Oct 18, 2018; Nick Brown

  • It's the first time I've listened to a webinar and I think I'm hooked-interesting way to get in a quick learning. I'm so glad to find out today that I can listen to it again and share it. I will definitely be doing both, including sharing it with my childrens' principal in hopes she will share with the teachers.

  • I very much value these learning opportunities - it's great to be able to access some learning in the middle of the day and when education dollars are so scarce.